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Sound tree
I had been thinking about a "Sound Tree" sculpture called "Shake, Rattle and Roll". The idea is a take off on the amazing "Rhythm Trees" that Jazz percussionists often have. The ones that I have admired include chimes, bells, gongs, rain sticks, wash boards, whistles, found objects etc. -Diane
stuff you need
  • paper
  • scissors
This Sound Tree was covered with home made instruments that make sound through motion. The improvised instruments included rattles, drums, tambourines, chimes, bells, etc. made from household and other found or re-purposed objects.
The tree "blossoms" over time as people make and add new instruments to the tree.
This Sound Tree was made from long bamboo sticks and plastic tubing. Cable ties hold everything together.
Tables with work space and computers were set up around the outside of the room where kids could create and program their musical instruments.
Materials were stored in labelled, plastic bins, so it was easy to find cables, sensors, motors, and crickets.
You can use motion modules for the moving parts your sound makers.
Decorate your sound makers with colored paper, feathers, pipe cleaners, and tiny umbrellas, and attach them to the tree with cable ties.

How will your instrument make music?

Your sound maker could include crickets and sensors so that the sound would start when someone pushes a button or moves in front of a light sensor.

Try using plastic cable ties (in bright colors) to attach sound makers to your tree.
Here's a sound maker that uses two plastic spoons, a plastic plate, and a spinning motor to make music.
This sound maker uses a motion module and a touch sensor.
What else
Take a look at a movie of the Tree
(you'll need the Windows Media Player)
Look at other Motion Modules

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