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What other kinds of painting machines can you imagine?

Push Pull Painter

I named this a "push-pull painting machine" because it can paint going forwards and backwards -Margaret
stuff you need
  • Cricket or RCX
  • LEGO parts, 2 LEGO motors, motor cables
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Hot melt glue (optional)
  • Art materials: markers or tempera paint and brushes

Here are some LEGO parts you could use to build the car that moves the paint brushes.

This car is very simple: just a couple of wheels, a couple of motors, and some bricks to hold everything together.

The wheels will attach directly to the motors, so place the motors with the axles pointing out.
Attach two large wheels to the motors.

Next, make the cardboard triangle that will hold the paintbrushes or pens.

Cut a piece of cardboard about 1 foot long (about 30 cm). Make it narrower than the space between the wheels.

Fold the cardboard piece into a triangle and tape it to the car.

(Tip: A triangle with a large base will work best. This one turned out to be too tall and skinny.)

Tape brushes or pens to the sides of the triangle.

Take your push-pull painter on a test drive. Experiment with the design and the program before you load the brushes with paint.

Here's a snippet of the program I used for my push-pull painter. See a larger version of the whole program.

When I tested this painter, it didn't work well: the brushes are too big and at too steep an angle.

Tip: If your Cricket keeps quitting the program, it might be because the motors can't turn.Try changing the design to gear down the motor.

This triangle shape worked much better.

To start push-pull painting, dip the brushes into tempera paint that has been thinned with a little water.


Or tape markers to your machine...
and set it on a LARGE piece of paper... and start painting.
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