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Try other materials with the LEDs: straws, translucent paper, sheer fabric.

Night Lights

I loved the glowing colors of the LEDs, and thought it would be wonderful to watch them twinkle and slowly change in a dark room. -Margaret
stuff you need
  • A small plastic cup (for example, a nut cup, a clean cough medicine dispenser, or plastic drinking cup)
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissor or utility knife
  • Cricket
  • Tri-color LED
  • Sensor

Choose a small, clear (or nearly clear) plastic cup.

Sand the inside of the cup with sandpaper.
Here are two cups, one before sanding (left) and one after. After you sand the cup, the inside of the cup will have a scratchy texture and be nearly white and not as transparent.
Next, make a base for your nightlight that will hold your tri-color LED. I used another small plastic cup. I cut off the bottom of the cup, set it upside-down, and cut out a notch for the wires.
Here's how the tri-color LED sits on the base.
Now set the sanded cup over the LED. You can tape or hot-melt-glue it in place. (In this photo, the LED is on - in a dark room, the tiny LED will light up the whole cup!)

I programmed my night light to come on when I turn out the light and to change colors. When the night light first comes on the colors change rapidly. As time passes and I fall asleep, the colors change more slowly and eventually stop.

Here's a bit of sample code for Cricket LogoBlocks. Here's a bit of sample code for PICO Blocks.

Here's my nightlight in action. It is amazing how such a tiny LED inside a plastic cup can make such a beautiful little light!
Decorate the outside of your nightlight with a permanent marker or with paper cut-outs.
The city at night night-light!
What else
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